When the Full Moon Shines on South Beach

I had the privilege last night of leading more than 130 students in our full moon beach yoga and meditation flow, in South Beach, organized by Equinox and Midtown Miami Magazine. It was one of the most memorable things I’ve done in South Beach to this day.

At the end of the practice, I had to pause several times because I was moved by emotion, by the strings with which the moon pulls on us. By the palpable love of so many people looking for ways to center and ground themselves.

At the end of the practice we were graced with one of the most beautiful full moons I’ve seen in a while.

People gathered at the shore and took photos, which of course do no justice to the splendor of a moon rising over the ocean. Many of us went into the water. There was something tribal, something in the air. People coming together to honor a moment and a planetary event that we sometimes take for granted.

I am grateful for being able to witness events like this happening in my city and having the honor to lead some of them. I am so lucky to know so many wonderful people who are on the path of practice and community.

Joining together as a community, we remind ourselves that there might be turbulence in the air, and sometimes in our hearts, but here, on planet earth, when we all come together united by a shared intention, there can be stillness, and magic.

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