Kevin Sanchez: The Warrior Flow Foundation Facilitator

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

1. Why should we care about the challenges of the underserved-underestimated populations?


We are a collective society, the best practices in any field are the ones that take into account how our actions and projects affect others around us as well as the people involved. Yoga, meditation, and all the related practices are no different; they are meant to help us become better individuals in the context of an interconnected society that has segments and challenges that need to be addressed. We don’t take deep breaths to escape these challenges but to face them in a more mindful and conscious way.


2. What experiences in your personal life have motivated you to pursue a more active role in helping others in your community?


Since my teen years, the mindful practices have benefited my life in such a profound way. I find no other way to thank life but to give back and share my experiences and practices with others.


3. Within your heart, what is the area that you would like to help the most when you look at the different populations in your community and the big gaps?


Back in 2014, I started working with families and children diagnosed with special capabilities such as autism. With the tools of applied behavior analysis and the wisdom of the mindful practices, I have been able to provide support to these families and help them overcome the challenges they face in a community that was designed by, and mainly for, people with different capabilities.


4. What can we all do to become more involved in our communities and make a better world?


Become informed about the challenges that face different parts of our communities and also find people who are making the effort to overcome those challenges and find ways to become involved and support them. We are powerful individuals but coming together and uniting forces for a common intention is much more powerful.


5. What are the highlights of being part of The Warrior Flow Foundation as a facilitator? What were the aha moments if any that you went through during the week training?


For me there is nothing like being surrounded by people who share a common intention. During our training, learning and sharing with so many people from different walks of life and experiences but united by the same drive to help others is the most powerful and beautiful thing of being part of this foundation.


6. Can you tell us where to find you?


Yes, my email is and you can also find me on Instagram. I love meeting new folks, so reach out!


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