Warrior Flow Faculty: Adrian Molina

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

1. What are the three main reasons you became a yoga teacher?

I don’t want to sound too dramatic, but I think I wanted to find something that made me feel alive. I was young, slightly careless, and knew it would help me to create structure, routines, priorities. Help me put my life into context and understand why I was here on this planet. 

2. What important elements do you feel are missing from most yoga teacher trainings?

The understanding that we are not teaching students, we are teaching ourselves. The compassion toward human experiences that are not visible or have nothing to do with asanas. A true, sincere, lasting feeling of camaraderie. We all want to feel that we belong. Otherwise, it all feels too transactional to me. 

3. What motivated you to become part of this teacher training?

A sincere desire to break boundaries of geography, and, in times of so much pain, offer something for the greater good that brings people together and provides tools for healing. 

4. When you look at the world of teaching yoga these days, do you see any blind spots? How can we bring light to those places?

As a society, we see huge blind spots, inequality. We see how yoga for the most part is the privilege of a few. Another blind spot is to think that because someone is flexible or skinny that he or she is healthy. The belief that because someone teaches yoga, they have life figured out or can fly on a magic carpet. We can bring light to these subjects by actually talking and going deeper into the subjects with compassion and skillful guidance. 

5. During this time of upheaval and change—not only in the world of yoga but in the world as a whole—how can this Warrior Flow teacher training contribute to the collective good?

By empowering people to understand that the practice does save lives—yours and others. That the practice is a gift anxiously waiting to be given and shared. 


The Warrior Flow Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that ignites social change by bringing trauma-informed yoga, mindfulness, sound therapy, and stress-reduction programs to places where they are most needed, including hospitals, homeless shelters, schools, police stations, hospice settings, and more. The Warrior Flow 200-hour Online Yoga Teacher Training embodies a conscious approach to yoga, encompassing social justice, accessibility, trauma and mental health, and community outreach. Click here to learn more.

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