Warrior Flow Insiders: Sari Velar

1. In less than a minute, tell us who you are and why we keep hearing good things about you?

Most people recognize me as a mother, cancer survivor, amateur chef, lover of performance, retired marathon runner and event marketer, purveyor of laughs, writer, truth seeker and teller, and yoga and meditation facilitator. Truth is “I am,” and that “I” is ever evolving.

I’ve been more vocal about my personal journey with mental health and my work teaching accessible, adaptable, and therapeutic yoga, especially in the South Florida cancer community. You might also know me from my classes in support of the Warrior Flow Foundation.

2. What were the pivotal roadblocks and challenges you encountered along the way that helped you define your path?

I was diagnosed with cancer at nineteen and had two recurrences in the years that followed. I also struggled with a twenty-year battle with an eating disorder and substance misuse. These challenges have been the most humbling, transformative, and impactful teachers. They have helped me clear the clutter, define where I am most needed as a yoga teacher, and ultimately led me to where I am today.

3. Why did you choose this field? Who were your role models? And what pushed you to learn and become who you are?

I chose to become a yoga teacher because yoga and meditation were an integral part of my physical and mental healing process. To return this gift to another human being is the greatest reward and more than I could ever ask for.  

My role models—my personal teacher, Allaine Stricklen; RuPaul (yeah, I said it); Pema Chödrön; my Warrior Flow family; and all the individuals I get to work with on a daily basis. They have kept me accountable, grounded, and inspired through tremendously challenging times.

Adversity has pushed me to learn and become who I am. Sometimes the weight we carry around inside our heads is much heavier than the weight we perceive we are carrying in our physical bodies. I now define my “weight” as the impact I can make during my time on this earth.

4. What is your legacy? Do you care about leaving a legacy?

Not sure so sure I care about a legacy per se, but perhaps writing a kick-ass book that changes lives, being vocal and honest about my experience with mental health, and making yoga more inclusive, accessible, and valued, especially within the medical field.

A more personal legacy is raising a curious, loving, and self-empowered child. One who dares greatly, advocates for equality and human rights, and stands with those whose voices are not heard. 

5. What can we all do right now to make this world a better place?

Extend compassion and not judgment. Befriend the parts of yourself that scare the “bleep” out of you. Be an ally in your everyday life, in word and deed. Support individuals and organizations that facilitate healing, work toward justice and equality, and are catalysts for social change.

6. In less than a minute, without sounding like a used car salesperson, tell us where to find you and what is the next big thing that everyone should be anticipating from you?

You can find me on Warrior Flow TV, Instagram, and Facebook. I have a Website and you can also find me in UM.

Next big thing—more evolving!


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