Warrior Flow Insiders: Elmer Hickman

1- In less than a minute, tell us who you are and why we keep hearing good things about you?

My name is Elmer Hickman. I’m one of the top personal trainers here in the Miami Beach area. The reason you keep hearing good things about me is because those who work with me get results. Why? Because I genuinely care about the WHOLE person. It’s not just about working out or seeing how much money I can make. I’m a former teacher and principal of a middle and elementary school, and my passion and purpose have always been to help bring the best out of people and make that best their new norm. I bring that same passion and dedication to fitness, and my clients and their loved ones recognize that. 

2- What were the pivotal roadblocks and challenges you encountered along the way that helped you define your path?

I had a tough childhood. For the first ten years of my life we were homeless, lived in the projects, or moved from house to house, living with different people every few months. We were like nomads moving from place to place in search of food and shelter. That’s a life that no child should have to live, but I did, and it made me who I am today. I love life and people. I want to help people learn how to love themselves. I want to show people that they can rise above their current situation. Last, I want to help people understand and believe that no matter how hard today may seem, better days are always ahead. 

3- Why did you choose this field? Who were your role models? And what pushed you to learn and become who you are?

I chose this field because it allows me to continue to fulfill my mission and purpose in life: training and coaching people to be the best version of themselves and taking what they’ve learned from me and passing it along to their loved ones. Pain and fear pushed me to become who I am today. I know struggle; it was my friend, and his cousin, dysfunction, was at my house daily. As an adult, I refuse to invite and entertain them. I refuse to have them meet my children. They are no longer acquaintances of mine. So that is what pushes me to learn. It's the fuel to my fire and the wind to my kite. 

4- What is your legacy? Do you care about leaving a legacy?

Legacy to me is very important. Once my mission on this planet is complete, I want not just my children but the world to know what I stood for. I want them all to know that Elmer Hickman, despite his flaws, loved all people and dedicated his life to helping people be better versions of themselves. I want to be known as someone who was led by his heart and not by money or the materialistic callings of this world. The legacy I leave will be a story of my purpose fulfilled.  

5- What can we all do right now to make this world a better place? The one thing that can we do right now to make this world a better place is to stop being afraid of the unknown. Replace ignorance with curiosity and learn about people’s differences, learn about their cultures, and see the beauty in living in a world that was intentionally created with diversity in mind. Look at the different types of plants, animals, and insects there are. We live on a diverse planet. Once we understand and embrace that, the world will become a better place.

6- In less than a minute, without sounding like a used car salesperson, tell us where to find you and what is the next big thing that everyone should be anticipating from you?

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook. I also have a YouTube channel that gives tips and techniques for beginners on how to have a better gym experience. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:00 a.m., you can also find me on Warrior Flow Vimeo. My next big thing will be coaching a lower body focused movement bootcamp in the Miami Beach area. Stay tuned!


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