Warrior Flow Insiders: Andy Fortuna

Updated: May 27, 2020

1- In less than a minute, tell us who you are and why we keep hearing good things about you?

The human body is a special organism composed of many systems working together for optimal balance and harmony. For this reason, I combine a holistic approach that empowers those with whom I work to take control of their health.

2- What were the pivotal roadblocks and challenges you encountered along the way that helped you define your path?

Nothing worthwhile comes easy.

There have been many challenges and difficult moments. You face hardship every day to move your mission forward. What makes it worthwhile is that you get to do what you are absolutely passionate about every waking moment. The struggle is just part of the package of doing what I consider my dream “job.”

I vividly remember waking up one day with my heart at my throat. There wasn't anything going on really except the pressure of running a business while going to graduate school. Long story short: I suffered from depression and anxiety (still do at times) from overwhelming stress and overwork. It hasn’t been smooth, but it has been an eye-opening opportunity to learn more about myself and who I truly want to be as an entrepreneur, practitioner, coach, and educator. I would not change a thing.

3- Why did you choose this field? Who were your role models? And what pushed you to learn and become who you are?

I am a health and performance therapist with a master’s degree in Sports Medicine and licenses in massage therapy, athletic training, and strength training. I combine all the elements from these disciplines to help people take ownership of their health and to facilitate healing. Currently, I am in my last year of becoming a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner. The combination of mindfulness, manual therapy, movement programing, and lifestyle optimization are the elements that I love to use on a daily basis when working with people. My company, Myorenew, is a health and performance clinic where people come to learn and discover what they are truly capable of achieving without limitations. It’s about working on yourself as whole, both mentally and physically. I’m most proud of the fact that I have been able to have a positive impact on so many people, helping them to live better lives. I honestly can’t believe it’s my “job.” I’m grateful to wake up early every day and do what I do. I thank my family for instilling in me the values of hard work, dedication, and compassion at a young age. That has been paramount to my success today. Also, I am grateful for the hardships and challenges I have faced because they have been one of my most important teachers.

4- What is your legacy? Do you care about leaving a legacy?

I want my legacy to be about my working hard to achieve what I set my mind to; my dedication to excellence and courage to do the right thing no matter what; and my compassion for helping others.

5- What can we all do right now to make this world a better place?

First, start to prioritize yourself. Take the necessary steps to make sure that mentally and physically you are taken care of—eat well, exercise, build positive relationships, pray/meditate. Once you’re in a good space, take the time to help at least one person in your lifetime and teach them to take care of themselves.

6- In less than a minute, without sounding like a used car salesperson, tell us where to find you and what is the next big thing that everyone should be anticipating from you?

I am located in Miami and taking each day as it comes while helping those seeking my help to optimize their health and performance. You can find me on Facebook and Instagram.


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