Warrior Flow Insiders: Andrea Borrero

1- In less than a minute, tell us who you are and why we keep hearing good things about you?

I founded One Verse Yoga about twelve years ago to embody the healing currents of yoga—mind and body connected in a single flow, strong and graceful in all ways.

2- What were the pivotal roadblocks and challenges you encountered along the way that helped you define your path?

Like many, I came to yoga for physical reasons, and the spiritual connection followed. The past five or six years have been filled with grief of all shapes and sizes, and for awhile I lost a deeper connection to my asana practice. I still practiced, but my body started to feel sad and tight. I had no energy to give to it. What stayed strong was my spiritual practice, and that's where I had the most transformation during those darker times. Now it's beginning to circle back, and I've become awestruck by this practice all over again. It continues to give, even when you don't ask for more. There are so many levels to “practice” on; it is an endless ocean of possibility and growth. Grief changed the landscape of my life, and yoga has helped pave the path through a new wilderness.

3- Why did you choose this field? Who were your role models? And what pushed you to learn and become who you are?

I saw how instrumental yoga was in healing my wounds, and I wanted to give others the tools to heal themselves. Kristin Leal and Jill Miller were my original role models. The way they both weave spiritual and physical into a great respect for the body is still awe-inspiring to me. They're amazing teachers who made me love anatomy as it's expressed through the physical and energetic bodies.

4- What is your legacy? Do you care about leaving a legacy?

I'm not sure I care about leaving a legacy; I just want students to learn how to give to themselves and live more aligned lives. I was never interested in being a guru or a leader—just a sharer, a co-collaborator in their healing.

5- What can we all do right now to make this world a better place?

Understand that kindness is not weakness; kindness is a superpower, a strength that is infectious. We're all human, we have a rainbow of emotions and motivations, but every moment is an opportunity to choose kindness, to lead with light, no matter what. It ain’t easy and it's a “practice,” but it's worth the time and energy.

6- In less than a minute, without sounding like a used car salesperson, tell us where to find you and what is the next big thing that everyone should be anticipating from you?

You can find me on Instagram and One Verse Yoga. I'm still putting together the next incarnation and am not sure the shape it will take. Stay tuned!


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