This Is Not A Run Club

Updated: Aug 30

by Mauro Clerici

When Adrian texted me one day in July 2020 - “hey, would you be interested in starting a run club with me and Warrior Flow?” - I had to read it twice….nonetheless, I quickly replied: “yes, I think it would be an amazing idea for multiple reasons”...but then thought: “He must have read my mind”! Since I moved to Miami, Adrian’s events have been a staple of my experience in my new city, making me appreciate the Lincoln Road community and the tight community of runners alike. I’ve been attending Adrian’s initiatives around Miami Beach for a few years, and his mission of “bringing people together through accessible, inclusive movement, yoga, and mindfulness” strongly resonated with me. I was super excited at the prospect of working with him! But aside from this obvious reason, I had another reason to be very excited about...

I’ve been running since I was a kid, minus a decade long-pause when I was a cigarette smoker and my lungs (and health) were not interested in exercise and at such hard intensity. But once I quit and I started running again around the year 2005, I haven’t been able to stop!

Rewinding a bit, I’ve been spending the past 3 years on a side project at work building a very successful all-inclusive movement program for employees that included virtual runs and virtual fitness challenges, and I was just playing with the idea to create something similar IRL.

Back to Adrian’s question….I could hardly wait to tell him my ideas and that I did want to create a running-centered event, but I did not want it to sound exclusive or intimidating to those who don’t run regularly. In fact, I wanted to create an opportunity where the community can get together to walk, jog or run, and get to know one another afterwards. Not everyone wants to run a marathon, or compete for their faster PR, and nonetheless, nobody should feel intimidated or peer pressured to run faster than they want or be able to. Running is a movement that naturally boosts mood and improves cardiovascular performance, so the last thing we want it to be is it being stressful and prone to injury. It should be a happy time, an opportunity to exercise your body and make mental space in your mind. Individual effort and progress should be rewarded instead of speed and mileage. Everything said, this would jive perfectly with WarriorFlow’s mission.

Out of these philosophies, Not A Run Club was born.

Whether you are a runner, ot Not a runner, you have found your movement.

Not A Run Club’s first event was held on August 4th and the next event will be held on September 1st. Starting on October 6th, 2021, it will be held weekly on Wednesdays from South Beach, Miami.

Follow Warrior Flow on IG and Coach Mauro to get notifications on dates, location, and how to RSVP.

See you out there!


About Coach Mauro

Coach Mauro is a UESCA certified Running Coach, certified Health Coach and Coach Manager at digital health company Noom Inc, where he also leads an all-inclusive and equitable movement program for all employees. His intention and purpose is helping humans live healthier lives through behavioral coaching, trauma-informed initiatives, and intentional movement.


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