The Yoga of Essential Oils

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

by Mary Cerdeiras

I have known about essential oils for many years, but until recently I didn’t know much about where they come from, how they are made, or the many ways we can use them to benefit our health. But what they really do, for me anyway, is keep me present just like yoga does. Each moment of our lives is precious—a present from the universe, if you will. I have been teaching yoga for about nine years, and one thing I know for sure is that yoga has helped me to stay in the present moment and that essential oils can help you do the same.

Let’s take lavender, my all-time favorite essential oil. As I inhale this most decadent oil, I feel at peace, relaxed, refreshed, and renewed—it creates an instant spa!

Like yoga, essential oils help to support the mind, body, and spirit. It is said that whatever the situation, there is an oil for it. If you’re under stress, are tired, have achy muscles, headaches, cold, or flu, there is an oil for that—much as there is an asana (pose) to open your hips, release the tension in your body, relax your shoulders, and open your heart.

Essential oils have been around as long or longer than yoga, they have traveled through time together. They have nurtured and supported many generations and cultures. From Egypt and India to Asia, Europe, and the Americas, they are patiently waiting for us to notice that they are still here and have always been here for us whenever we need them.

Essential oils do not judge, discriminate, stereotype, or hate. No, they just patiently wait for us to return from the distracting noise of the human experience to be soothed, pampered, and seduced by their delightful aromas so that we can stay strong, healthy, and present.

Mary Cerdeiras is a mother, grandmother, small business owner, cancer survivor, essential oils educator, wellness advocate, and Miami-based yoga teacher. You can take her classes on Warrior Flow TV and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


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