Sari Velar: The Warrior Flow Foundation Facilitator

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

1. Why should we care about the challenges of the underserved-underestimated populations?

As human beings we all deserve the same rights and access regardless of physical, social, or economic ability. When we ignore, dismiss, or do not empower the underestimated or underserved, we perpetuate widespread systemic issues and create a greater divide. No one is greater than or less than another. We are all citizens of this earth, and the rent we pay on this planet is to ensure accessibility and equality to all its citizens, especially those who are underserved or underestimated.

2. What experiences in your personal life have motivated you to pursue a more active role in helping others in your community?

My experiences with cancer, mental health, and addiction. During those challenges, I experienced trauma and very high levels of stress. It feels intuitive, important ,and empowering to give back to communities that are experiencing much of the same.

3. Within your heart, what is the area that you would like to help the most when you look at the different populations in your community, and the big gaps?

Accessible, adaptable, and trauma-informed yoga. I’d also like to be able to be help with education and general perception of mental health challenges, especially in the arenas of eating disorders, body image, and substance misuse.

4. What can we all do to become more involved in our communities and make a better world?

Step outside your comfort zone. Volunteer with organizations that advocate for social justice, equality, and more accessibility. Find what calls to your heart and volunteer to help be the change you’d like to see.

5. What are the highlights of being part of The Warrior Flow Foundation as a facilitator? What were the aha moments if any that you went through during the week training?

One of my main highlights has been being able to facilitate live classes during the pandemic. It was beautiful to connect with people all over the world during such an uncertain time and to foster new relationships within our facilitator community. I think my “aha” moment during the training was realizing much of the isolation and destructive patterns I created in the throes of my addiction were protective mechanisms I created to keep me safe because I knew no other way. I experienced a great deal of forgiveness and self-compassion as a result of the knowledge garnered that weekend.

6. Can you tell us where to find you online? And what are your next projects?

You can find me on Warrior Flow TV, Instagram, and Facebook. I have a Website and you can also find me in UM.


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