Michelle Gallagher: The Warrior Flow Foundation Facilitator

1. Why should we care about the challenges of the underserved-underestimated populations?

So many people are going through difficult times and if each one of us were able to contribute a little bit of our time to help others the world would be a better place. Sharing is caring and love must prevail. It is by giving to others that we grow.

2. What experiences in your personal life have motivated you to pursue a more active role in helping others in your community?

Wow, so much has happened and finally I have come to realization that it is through helping others and serving that we are truly fulfilled. I lost my parents at a young age and that really took a toll on me. Luckily, I was raised by an amazing stepmother and became part of a very loving and caring family. I also struggled with self-acceptance and understanding my place in society so through helping others I can feel love and fulfillment.

3. Within your heart, what is the area that you would like to help the most when you look at the different populations in your community and the big gaps between them?

I feel connected to kids that have lost their parents or loved ones and have had to deal with the loss/grief at a young age. I also connect with people suffering from depression and struggling with addiction.

4. What can we all do to become more involved into our communities and make a better world?

Honestly, there are so many things everyone can do to contribute to bettering this world. “Little” things like smiling to a stranger, opening a door, calling a loved one, picking up trash, and going as far as the “bigger” things like taking some time to volunteer, donating to a cause you believe in, etc. It really takes a little from each one of us to see a better world!

5. What are the highlights of being part of The Warrior Flow Foundation as a facilitator?

What were the aha moments if any that you went through during the week training? Wow, where to begin? I came across Warrior Flow when I was making some major changes in my life and was looking for a community to connect with. It all started with yoga on Lincoln Road where I felt welcomed and connected to the love and positive energy Adrian transmitted. About 6 months later, I asked Adrian how I could help and if I could volunteer. It was right about when he was planning the training, so he recommended that as a first step and it was truly inspiring. I was amazed by the people and the learnings and so grateful to be part of a group that was doing so much for their communities in so many different ways. It was exactly what I was looking for in inspiration for my own life and how I could give back. From there, I was able to attend some of the classes at Camillus House but everything went on pause due to Covid. I can’t wait until this all passes so I can go back out and be of service to these communities/populations.

6. Can you tell us where to find you online? And what are your next projects?

I can be found on FB and IG. I am always looking for ways of serving the community so open to volunteer opportunities. I currently contribute on a project in one of the biggest favelas in Rio called Rocinha where we raise funds to help kids in the community. My next project is to start writing my book, which is a big dream of mine.


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