Mary Cerdeiras: The Warrior Flow Foundation Facilitator

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

1. Why should we care about the challenges of the underserved-underestimated populations?

We should care about all human life on this earth. Everyone on this planet is important and special and has a purpose.

2. What experiences in your personal life have motivated you to pursue a more active role in helping others in your community?

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a person of compassion and kindness and willing to help someone in need. But, I must say being a cancer survivor has really impacted me in a big way and has set my path. I believe it is my calling to share all that I have learned through my cancer journey and my yoga teacher training and help my community be more proactive with their health and well-being. And as I continue to learn, I will continue to share what I know to be true and good.

3.  Within your heart, what is the area that you would like to help the most when you look at the different populations in your community and the big gaps?

Wow! That is a big question. In Miami we have a huge diversity of young and old, all different races and cultures. My heart is with the children because they are so impressionable, and I feel that, with the crazy rat race we are living in, they are getting left behind and not being guided properly. I also have a soft spot for the elderly who are also being left behind in senior-care facilities, forgotten and left to die there. It is heartbreaking, as I witnessed firsthand when I visited my mom at the home she was living in.  

4. What can we all do to become more involved in our communities and make a better world?

I believe that as human beings we all have a duty to take care of each other. If we all reach out within our communities and join local groups that are already created and do our part and share our gifts or create a group ourselves and go out and help the communities in need, we will live a much happier and healthier life going forward.

5.  What are the highlights of being part of The Warrior Flow Foundation as a facilitator? What were the aha moments if any that you went through during the week training?

Being of service by holding space for trauma-affected communities gives me much joy because I know I am serving and doing good work where it is truly needed. Another highlight of being part of The Warrior Flow Foundation is the amazing people I have met and am honored to call my friends.

6. Can you tell us where to find you online? And what are your next projects?

You can find me on Instagram and Facebook. I would like to write some pieces to submit to The Warrior Flow Foundation’s editor to have them included in the newsletter. I am also going to have a website with all my offerings in the near future, and who knows what else the universe has in store for me.

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