Leap of Faith

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

By Adrian Molina

When I was in my early twenties, I was ambitious and carefree. I wasn’t bothered much by how other people felt. I acted on impulse, without weighing the pros and cons. I simply jumped, feet first.

The biggest jump brought me from South America to Miami. At this point, I have lived most of my life in the United States. It is now home.

When I was in my twenties, I was very emotional, curious. I acted on impulse. I had a desire to get to know myself better and to find my place in the world.

At forty-one, I feel like I am in the middle of a rope stretched between two towers. I’m walking steadily, certain of every step. And assessing each step.

So far, I haven't succumbed to any addiction—yoga saved me. I overcame the loss of my mom, depression, and recently Covid-19, but something else happened in the middle of all of this. I started to become intolerant of routines. I started to question everything as I was watching the world go bananas on my screen. As the revolution of masks took over and I was forced to look into people’s eyes instead of at their faces, I was also forced to look into my own.

I understood that if it weren’t for everything I went through during the last few months, especially dealing with Covid-19, I wouldn’t have made the time to take a look at my life. If I didn’t have the chance to slow down and spend an obscene amount of time at home, since going out was not an option, I wouldn’t have arrived at the realization that my life was stagnant, that the twenty-one year old who was fearless and carefree had gotten lost somewhere along the way and needed to be found.

I decided to quit a job that didn’t make me feel appreciated, where I felt like I was working with people with tunnel vision. I decided to return to my roots in meditation, in spirituality. I decided to take a leap—this time, not a leap based on geography but on faith, based on returning to myself.

At forty-one I feel twenty-one again. During the worst pandemic in recent history, I decided to step down from my job because it was no longer making me happy. I knew the moment was right, the ship was sinking, and I needed a fresh start.

I’ve often held onto something until a replacement came along. This time, I knew I had to let go of something in order to welcome something new.

I decided to only do things that bring me joy. I see so much despair in the world that, in my life at least, I want to live with joy. I am a joy seeker.

I left my job without a safety net but with a suitcase full of dreams. With the mindset that you attract what you desire and that time is ticking away. We can all sit and watch the news or we can use this time to work on ourselves and grow spiritually, to learn to face our demons, whether they come in the shape of a virus, or a president, or a natural disaster.

I will always be an optimistic, though I am conscious of the pain that I carry from generations and that I witness every day. But I won’t respond to pain with more pain. I will respond to pain with joy. The joy of being alive, the joy of being able to help others, the joy of overcoming challenges and continuing my path, the joy that I woke up another day and that today I am ok.

Adrian Molina has been teaching yoga continuously since 2004. He is a well-known and respected instructor in Miami and New York, with an extensive worldwide following through his platform and school of yoga, Warrior Flow. Adrian is a writer, massage therapist, Reiki healer, meditation teacher, sound therapist, end-of-life doula, Mental Health First Aid facilitator, and a Kriya yoga practitioner in the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda. Adrian is recognized for the community building work he does in Miami and New York as founder and executive director of The Warrior Flow Foundation, which brings the benefits of therapeutic and accessible yoga, mindfulness, and stress reduction tools to schools, shelters, hospitals, first responders, and hospice care.


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