Kathleen Kowall: The Warrior Flow Foundation Facilitator

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

1. Why should we care about the challenges of the undeserved-underestimated populations?

If we care about the challenges of the undeserved, we can actually reach out and make tangible, palpable differences in people’s lives. Interaction benefits our sense of community, and I firmly believe life works in a karmic, circular way and that what you contribute comes back in full. 


2. What experiences in your personal life have motivated you to pursue a more active role in helping others in your community?

I experienced a death in my family at a very early age, and I think it has given me the desire to reach out to young people who may not have the perfect family unit or safety net to fall back on. Even though I experienced that unfortunate life event, I feel lucky that I had a loving caring family, always there for support.


3. Within your heart, what is the area that you would like to help the most when you look at the different populations in your community and the big gaps between them?

I wish there was more equality in education for our young people. Why is a child’s foundation and school experience based on their neighborhood or financial situation? Some children get smart boards and tutoring and extracurricular activities, while others don't even get the textbooks they need or have access to computers or the internet. Kids are not starting off on the same footing. It all starts with the home and education. 

4. What can we all do to become more involved in our communities and make a better world?

I try to get involved on a macro level by donating to larger organizations that foster movements I believe in as well as on a micro level with local activities at my church and donating my time teaching for Warrior Flow TV. 

5. What are the highlights of being part of The Warrior Flow Foundation as a facilitator? What were the aha moments if any that you went through during the week training?

Meeting all the amazing people in the group with their diverse backgrounds is such an eye opener as to how willing people are to help, the diverse knowledge and expertise they have to offer, and fostering a sense of community.


6. Can you tell us where to find you online? And what are your next projects?

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. My next projects are getting a yoga nidra certification and Thai yoga massage.


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