Health Opportunities

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

by Dana Heller

What is a health opportunity? It sounds kind of weird, right? Usually we say we have a health challenge, we don’t usually see it as an opportunity. And if we dive deeper, how does the word “opportunity” apply to a health event? 

I came across this idea when I was at OHI (Optimum Health Institute). The way they see it, if something enters our life that may not be the ideal health situation, let’s look at it as an opportunity to grow and change. This means that we ask ourselves, "What are the changes I can make in my life to resolve this health thing?" Maybe there are areas I’ve neglected in my life that have led me to this opportunity.

Some areas we can look into to get answers can be directed at our nutrition, emotional health, spiritual connections, and physical well-being. The reality is that our bodies are truly miraculous creations, and they thrive if they are treated well. Disease and illness don’t  exist. But the thing is, in our current world, we’ve been subjected to harmful things that negatively impact the above-mentioned areas. And the reality is that we would have to be invincible to not let anything impact our emotional and physical states. As a result, we have lovely health opportunities to redirect us back to our authentic, beautiful being. And that journey doesn’t necessarily include rainbows and butterflies. Usually the path is thorny and painful. But we all know that’s what makes us change. 

Another idea around calling it an opportunity versus a challenge is that it changes the energy in our body. We stop claiming it as a challenge and create a more positive approach. When we say “I have a tumor,” our bodies attach to that idea and want to keep it. So, if we can change the way we talk and think about it, we can change the outcome. 

I’ve mentioned my health journey and the place it took me, and man it was a dark place. It sucked. Sucked doesn’t even do it justice. But you know what? I needed it to happen because I needed to see what was lacking in my life. And for me, all three areas were suffering (emotional, physical, and spiritual). It wasn’t always like that, but over time all areas needed major overhauls. 

I make a choice everyday to work on myself and some days are better than others and some days offer me more opportunities to grow. 

I’ve learned that if I don't work out five times a week and don’t eat the best diet, I can’t expect to feel great. I’ve learned that if I don’t work out and don’t try to mediate or connect to something greater to myself on a daily basis, I’ll eventually start to feel more anxious and fearful.

It’s important to take notes and observe what works for you and what doesn’t. We’re all human just trying to do our best, and it’s ok to not have all the answers. None of us has the answers. So let’s support one another and be kind. Love is always the answer. 

Spread the love, now, today, and always.  Dana Heller has more than 500 hours of trainings and has received her 500 ERYT from the Yoga Alliance. She is a firm believer in self-care and encourages people to incorporate daily actions to achieve groundedness. She's struggled with her own burnout and found that only through loving acts toward herself was she able to heal and give fully to herself and others. Her areas of focus include exploratory guided meditations to discover your self-care needs, restorative and vinyasa yoga, reiki, aromatherapy, and breath awareness. Join her classes on Warrior Flow TV.


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