An Ocean of Love: A Love Letter to My Community

By Sari Velar

Upon learning that Jones and I were Covid positive, two thoughts immediately entered my mind. The first—more of a prayer—was for the universe to keep Jones, who is only four, from becoming severely ill. The second was concern about how we would get through the next few weeks given that the past few months had already been a financial and logistical stretch.

Within forty-eight hours of speaking up about our diagnosis and confiding in my family, my friends, and my colleagues at Warrior Flow, we were blessed in a fashion that still seems somewhat incomprehensible. We’ve been showered with phone calls, texts, care packages, grocery deliveries, healing supplies, toys, gift cards, and an incredible donation-based fundraiser led by my beautiful friend and light being Adrian Molina. These actions of love connected us with our angels, some local and some scattered across the United States and even the world. We have been blessed to the extent that we can focus solely on our healing and not the worries and complexities many are experiencing during the pandemic and in everyday life. We have felt every ounce of your goodwill in thought, prayer, and action. Jones and I are truly humbled.

What these beautiful heartfelt gestures of love have taught me is that no matter how alone we believe we are, we are never truly alone. If you’ve ever felt scared, hopeless, or in need of help but were too afraid to admit it, know that there is an ocean of love waiting for you. There have been so many moments during this pandemic when I’ve questioned the “goodness” of our world and society as a whole, but you have taught me otherwise. This experience has brought me back to realize the power of family, friendship, community, and human nature, a nature based on utter and pure love.

I know this is not a substitute for a hug or a tender embrace, but I hope you can feel our love and gratitude. I have known some of you my entire life, some for many years, and some of us have never met. Know that no matter the “unknowing,” the time, or the distance, Jones and I love you, we are eternally grateful for you, and we will carry a piece of you within our hearts, always.

We are blessed and incredibly happy to be healing at home, bathing in all your love and support, but the fight is not over.

We are all in this fight together, and it’s our responsibility to keep on loving, lifting, honoring, and reciprocating our good nature until the day we are no longer on this earth. We all know how good it feels give of ourselves and help others, but always remember that receiving help can also be the recharging of the batteries we need to continue being beacons of the shining contributory light.

Life is for the taking but also for the giving. Take the time to volunteer, stand up, speak out, share your story, be vulnerable, ask for help, help others in need, have those hard conversations, and fight for the marginalized, the unheard, and the oppressed because we all deserve LOVE. Someone will be there to help recharge your batteries, of this I am now certain. The more we move toward community and step away from “the ego,” the more we cultivate this ocean of love.

Nat King Cole once penned a song called “Nature Boy,” and it contains one of my favorite lyrics of all time:

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, Is just to love and be loved in return.”

If I was ever unsure of these lyrics, you have surely been my litmus test. Be well, be safe, and most important continue to be what you are in your most utter and beautiful nature—LOVE.

In love and gratitude,

Sari and Jones

Sari Velar is a yoga teacher. You can find her on Warrior Flow TV, Instagram, and Facebook. She has a Website and you can also find her at UM.


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